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Energy management in public buildings - a priority for public institutions in Centre Region

17.06.2015   4417 Views  

In Ialoveni, was organized a round table entitled 'Energy management in public buildings - path towards a sustainable development'. The event was held during the European Sustainable Energy Week in Moldova, edition II, from 15 to 21 June 2015 and aimed to familiarize the representatives of public institutions in the Centre Development Region (CDR) with energy management system in public buildings concept.

The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction (MRDC), German Development Cooperation through GIZ, the Embassy of Sweden to the Republic of Moldova, Energy Efficiency Agency (EEA), Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF), and managers of public institutions from Centre Region and other stakeholders.

Valerian Binzaru, head of General Directorate of Regional Development within MRDC noted that the institution he represents is the one that served as basis for the development of the legislation on energy efficiency in public buildings. 'With the approval and implementation of the law starting January 2015, it was initiated the development of all technical regulations and guidelines that will be reinforced through a Government Decision', said Valerian Binzaru. He also stressed that the energy efficiency (EE) sector is found in all the priorities approved in the regional development strategic documents.

Marina Preteca-Neaga, specialist in strategic planning and programming section within the Centre RDA presented the Regional Sector Programme in Energy Efficiency for CDR and the progress of its implementation. The programme relates to public buildings in education, health and administrative sectors. Thus, in CDR, until 2020, there are to be rehabilitated from energy point of view, approximately 174,452 m² of public buildings surface or about 87 public buildings with surface not less than 1500 m². On average, each rayon will have about 6-8 public buildings for renovation.

Following the signing of the Memorandum of collaboration between MRDC and GIZ, under the agreement signed by the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, it was allocated financial resources to achieve projects for public buildings efficiency within the project 'Modernization of local public services in the Republic of Moldova'. In CDR, with the support of GIZ, it is implemented a pilot project to streamline the buildings on the territory of Orhei Regional Hospital. So far, the amount of investments is MDL 6.3 million and will be allocated about MDL 4 million until the completion of objectives of this project.

In the framework of the event, there were presented investment projects in the field of EE, implemented in CDR using Energy Efficiency Fund, and successful practices carried out in CDR within Moldova Energy and Biomass Project, implemented by UNDP Moldova. Also, national GIZ advisor, Ion Munteanu, presented the practical guide on the implementation of energy management system in public institutions. It will be distributed in public institutions from the country.

Today's event was organized by the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction (MRDC) and the Centre Regional Development Agency (Centre RDA) with support of the project 'Modernization of local public services in the Republic of Moldova', implemented by the German Development Cooperation through GIZ.

The project 'Modernization of local public services in the Republic of Moldova' is implemented by German Development Cooperation through GIZ and is financially supported by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania and the European Union.

The Practical Guide 'Implementation of energy management system in public institutions' can be accessed in Romanian here.