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The signing of the separate Agreement KfW - RDA Center

21.04.2021   2418 Views  

Following the signing of financial and grant agreements worth 10 million euros on January 12, 2021, in the project funded by the German Government through KfW, Water supply and sanitation in Moldova Center, RDA Center, as the project executing agency of the project recently signed the separate Agreement with the German Bank KfW.

The signed agreement ensures the continuity of the project by initiating phase II of the program and implementing support and consultancy measures aimed at the institutional development of water operators in the project area.

From the additional value of the grant of 10 million euros, 8.5 million will be used for investments in water infrastructure in the localities targeted in the project, respectively the villages in Straseni and Calarasi districts according to the list of investment priorities.

 The grant of 1.5 million euros will allow the initiation of a long list of measures that will ensure the process of regionalization and increase of managerial capacities within the water operators from Straseni and Calarasi districts. As a result of the consultancy offered, a series of important strategic documents will be elaborated: development strategies and business plans, evaluation of institutional performance, support in financial and tariff management as well as various training seminars, awareness and information campaigns.

 As a result, RDA Centre initiated the coordination and adjustment of the additional agreement to be signed with the German company Consulting Engineers Salzgitter GmbH, which from September 15, 2020, started the design works for the Chisinau-Straseni-Calarasi main transmission pipe and developed the preliminary designs for 4 other localities in Straseni and Calarasi districts.

 At the moment the overall budget of the project is 28,050,000 euros, being covered by the grant of the German Government amounting to 25,000,000 euros and the contribution of NFRD 3,050,000 euros.